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The above diagram offers basic guidelines for the proper placement of propane tanks. In order to install your tank quickly and efficiently, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • You should have at least one appliance that is connected and "propane ready."

  • Electricity must be available so Consolidated Gas can start up the appliance(s) and run a pressure test (or a Gas Check if this is a new installation).

  • All gas lines must be run from the appliance(s) to the outside of the home.

  • A 3/4" diameter black iron pipe extended from the house 3 inches and installed 12 to `8 inches above ground should be installed before service can be connected.

  • The propane tank must be installed no more than 80 feet from a designated hard-surface driveway so there is appropriate access for deliveries.

  • The first 25 feet of copper tubing trenched is free; beyond this charges are:
        -   $3.50 per foot to trench and back fill, or
        -   $2.50 per foot to trench only (customer completes back filling) or
           the cost of copper tubing if customer both trenches and back fills.

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